Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New project Underground base /temple

I  have been renovating and didn't have time or space to do any new projects, so I had to buckle down last night. I revamped my previous underground temple and this time made it Entirely from pink foam. I happened to come across these great pink foam sheets at home Depot. They are two foot by two foot tiles and cost Five Bucks a piece, but for small projects are very handy. Now I will be coating everything in hotwire foam factories foam coat , which means that all carving I do will have to be exaggerrated because foam coat will fill in some detail but that cant be helped . Any kind of coating that you use will cover up its the double edge sword texture and protection vs minor detail loss . No big  lol
besides the captain power logo I just put to see if I could if it gets covered up no big loss . Now I have to decide how many walls Im going to put on this dio. I would like 4 walls but its not practical for taking pics . So I'll go with three and then Maybe consider a ceiling . But the problem whit the ceiling is it will cut off lighting while taking photos so I might incorporate some leds into the roof . Im not sure yet
My tools from hotwire Foam Factory L-R freehand router , engraver and 6 inch hot knife.
I use the pro power station it will work on all of the tools from HWFF
Even with a 5 inch figure it all meshes pretty well
This Figure is only 1:18 but it does not look out of scale in this dio . Proportion is everything

I was able to use the freehand router to carve out the pond section

I think I chose a pretty good size this works well with 1:16 , 1:18 figures 

The Door way was carved out using the freehand routing tool

when you make a mistake with foam no problem you can just fill it in with more foam

I wanted to make this dio epic . So whats more epic than a Dragon . I freehand drew the dragon then used my engraving tool to carve it

After carving in the dragons features I then used my hot knife to carve the dragon out

The Dragon is pretty well balanced it stands on its own

Im really happy with this Head

This is how its going to be mounted of course the wall behind it will also have stone effects carved into it

What good is a Dragon if it cant be Scary ? So I installed Led's into it . I got the led's from model software train factory the link can be found on this page

With the lights on

I think the Blue lights came out great

Yes these lights are super bright

The Rat is amused by the lights
Hes over two feet tall now  
I found this pic online and used it as a guide 
COnsidering the splinter figure is five inches I think I chose a good size to build the dio

This is a close up veiw of the foam after its been sculpted and foam coat applied
This is before and after what it looks like now compared to what it will
Go as deep and wide as your comfortable with .
the drawing doesnt have to be perfect remember when you coat it , it will dissapear
Ok so Im not an ancient stone mason but it came out kinda ok lol

This is the battery switch kit from model train software factory its very small and will handle up to 30 led's
Using both the engraving tool and the hotknife gave me these most excellent results
Before using foam coat and getting painted and after
Scale is everything always keep in mind what your building for larger figures or smaller or both
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The shrimp monster 
I went back and deepened the undercuts but nothing was gonna save him 
The new body was coming out better
I made the body in scale with the head but the head will not be permanently mounted im going to use magnets so that it can be moved and replaced at will 
 I freehand Drew a Foo Dog

 I cant express enough if your going to do detail And coat, you must carve extra deep and wide so you dont lose it

 Both of the cave statues together with a 5.5 inch figure

Well I got some more work done on the temple area . more specifically the dragons body . I didnt like the first body he looked more like a shrimp monster hahahha soo .... I had to go back to the drawing board litterally and redo him Im much happier with the second result


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