Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Of my FIrst Trips into Foam

By No means am I an expert or even a qualified hobbyist Im just a shmuck with way too much time on his hands that needed something to fill his life . SO this worked for me lol. This was my first attempt at making a castle the idea had just occured to me and I figured why not . I used eep foam and loctite foam board adhesive and that was about it . I know it may not look like much but for a guy that never made anything in his life I was kinda proud.
I really suck at measuring So I constantly use figures as my guides . Im infamously horrible at drawing plans.

Im not really good at measuring I kinda just put the figures up against whatever Im building and cut around it

This was a long shot pic of the hall . The blue you see in the corners is Loctite foam adhesive

I have a slight problem with thinkin in three Dimensions. That is why alot of my pics will have the figures in them . It helps me flesh out my concepts

Considering that I had no blueprints just an idea in my head of what I wanted I think this came out pretty good

You can see the rough hedges here this was before I got a hotknife . All of these cuts were done with a super sharp knife . (use caution)

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